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November - A 2019 Musing

(from a writing done on 11.10.19)

I feel that were are pretty harsh on November because at first glance, November is pretty harsh. It’s cold. The plants are dead or dying. It is the rusting transition to a beautiful white snowscape. But in that process of death, we are shown life: look at all the seeds! Each seed is a life to come after the long, dark, cold season. One plant that stands out in November is Oak. Oak keeps its leaves the longest, reminding us that this is the season of tenacity through tough times, but also of release and letting go. We naturally are afraid of change and transition. It is easy to avoid embracing November, the month that represents this more starkly than any other. Perhaps we can see the wisdom that November brings to each of us, every year - the gift of the transformation. Without transformation, nothing new may grow. November reminds us with its gold just how valuable this process truly is.

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