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Isa - Ice: Winter Thoughts

Nature has cycles; since humans are part of nature, we operate in cycles as well. How does Nature's season of winter play out in our own lives?

Isa, Ice, and the Norse Connection

Drawn as a single vertical line, Isa is the icicle. It is still and unmoving. Almost. Even below the ice, there is work being done. Isa is the going within, the withholding and withdrawing.

This is cooling of the emotions, water, known as Laguz. Laguz is a vertical line, like Isa, but with a line at the top indicating motion. When Sowulo, the Sun and Fire touch Laguz, she reflects and laughs and sends forth rainbows. Isa, too reflects, but it is prismatic, shining her rainbow colors on the inside. When Isa meets Sowulo, she shows the promise of what will come.

The primeval Isa is Niflheim, the Land of Ice. It was solitary until it met with the Land of Fire, Muspelheim. When both lands met, they created Ymir, the primal first being. Ymir was held within the ice until the cow Auðhumla came and licked it so that Ymir was released from this state into activity.

In each instance, Isa yields to a catabolic action. Action from the outside, in order to change. Heat. Even Auðhumla’s breath was a force. Many cultures see the cow as a springtime herald. One that prepares the new field. Think Taurus of May. And the wild Auroch of Uruz.

Isa does give way to change, but in her own time. Isa knows that there is a time to self preserve. A time to go within in order to bring out the richness that was nurtured inside. A Ymir. A field that is ready to produce. A flow of water. A rush of life.

Isa is the recharge we all need. When instead of going horizontal and spreading ourselves thin, we retain. There is much power that can be held by retention. But that leads to “tension,” and soon will have to bear its fruit, the swell of Laguz. The power of Uruz (the Auroch). The catkins of Berkana, the Birch. Isa is the generator and Sowulo (Sun and Fire) and the catalyst.

May your time spent in Isa be honored and bear fruit at its own time. May there be rainbows. May there be life.

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