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Sinking Your Teeth into Herbs - Dentist "Thyme!"

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

I recently switched to a holistic dentist, and I like what I've experienced so far: dental maps that correspond to organs/systems, dental work that doesn't involve fluoride, and natural toothbrushing options. I have also been introduced to a really cool product: the Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Tonic. I'm not really about pushing a product - I like making my own. But when a good product comes along, I like to acknowledge the craftsmanship and formulation.

The tonic is a mouthwash that is a blend of herbs and essential oils. Essential oils are something that I am cautious with - I feel that they can be quite intense and pushy about they effects, as compared to a gentle partnership of herbs in drop doses. But I will say, after a thorough cleaning and flossing, this was able to astringe the end of the visit sensation.

After swishing with this tonic, I felt healing taking place. I asked to see the ingredients and was brought a bottle. One of the ingredients listed was Gotu Kola. Gotu Kola is a memeber of the Apiaceae - a fantastic family to know in the realm of herbalism. Gotu Kola is great for tissue regeneration.

Another sensation was that of intense tingling, which can be a few things: Echinacea sp., Thyme, and Eucalyptus. Echinacea is antiseptic, which is good news if you have an abscess or pus. Echinacea also has a very "buzzy" tactile sensation, which Matthew Wood calls "diffusive."

Thyme is in the mint family and has quite a strong flavor. It's known as a great natural antibacterial. Eucalyptus is an herb that I don't use often, so I looked at research from Matthew Wood, who states that it is a specific for pale coated, dirty tongue with halitosis" (Menzies-Trull 2003, 604). It's also an astringent and antiseptic.

What else is in there? Here's the ingredient list:

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