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Sage (and a wise little bee)

My Sage (Salvia officinalis) has really taken off this year. I’m in a zone 4, so this isn’t a native, but I found a little microbiome it seems to like. Or tolerate. They are flowering full for the first time.

Sage is often used for issues of dryness vs. oiliness, which is a perfect remedy for men and women going through “the change” of menopause and andropause. I was taught by Matthew Wood that Sage is especially good for those that have burnt the candle at both ends during their youth and now have little adrenal hutzpah left. It’s good for the switch between your body making fertility-based hormones to life-based hormones.

If Sage is for the changes in the body, maybe it’s for the changes of our times, too. If we’re feeling adrift, and we’re wise enough, we look to the elders, or “sages” for guidance. It might be a reminder to younger, hotter energies to respect and take council with those who have seen a few things.

I caught this little green bee getting her fill of Sage.

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