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Heart and Lungs

The Heart and Lungs

(from 12.30.18)

I’ve been told they are very connected in TCM. Heart is Joy and Lungs are Grief. Heart and Lungs are Yin and moist. Heart governs blood and Lungs govern Qi. Blood nourishes Qi and Qi pushes blood (sacred To me, that means the Blood gives a grounded, earth-based spirit to the Qi. And in turn, the Lungs are the bellows for the blood, directing it and giving the blood purpose and direction. In Western Astrology, the heart is ruled by Leo and the Lungs by Gemini. In this case, the heart is more solar and fire, but still possesses spirit - in this case, Ego. The lungs are the air of Gemini. An although masculine (like Leo), it is breath and wind and movement - mercurial. Leo is creative and gives that spirit and groundedness to Gemini. And Gemini is able to take the fixed fire of Leo and give it places to go and kindle, as well as stoking and feeding the fire. Leo gives Gemini a moral compass. Gemini gives Leo a push out of obstinacy, which suits Leo well - Leo is generous (but can withhold if the Ego is damaged). Some of the many herbal allies for these two organs are in here: Motherwort, Ginger, Hawthorn, Parsley, Pleurisy Root (Butterfly Weed), Coltsfoot, Thyme, Elderberry and Elderflower, and Elecampane.

Artwork: Leigh Arnoldy ©2018

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